This is not the current version of the class.

Extension Office Hours

We will offer weekly remote office hours via Zoom for extension school students. Closer to pset due dates we will offer extra office hours. Hours will be posted on the [Google Calendar][Staff] and on Piazza.

We use Zoom for remote office hours.

You will be promted to install Zoom the first time you click on the link.

Make sure you have a microphone set up before joining the remote OH. In case your computer doesn't have one, you can connect audio by calling on the phone; within the US, use numbers +1-646-876-9923 or +1-669-900-6833 and the meeting ID above.

If you haven't used Zoom before, read the following for a short tutorial.

Using Zoom for Office Hours

Join the meeting by typing in the meeting ID or clicking directly on the meeting link.

Once you first join the meeting, you will see the following screen:

Waiting screen

Please wait, we will note your position in the queue and move you to the main meeting as soon as possible.

Once you are admitted to the main meeting, you will see all the waiting students over there. If there are too many people talking through audio at the same time, please consider using the chat feature. You can do both group chats and private chats. You will see the following interface for the main meeting:

Main meeting: student view

Sometimes teaching staff may also answer questions directly. If you have questions regarding your code please refrain from discussing them in the main meeting room.

Once a TF is ready to help you, you will receive a notification about an invitation to a Breakout Room. Accept the invitation by clicking “Join”. If you think you dismissed the invitation by accident, just click the “Breakout Room” icon at the bottom of the screen and it should show up again. The TF will only be helping you individually in the breakout room, not in the main meeting.

Please contact or post on Piazza for any questions or concerns.