This is not the current version of the class.

Course Staff

General course staff alias: Please use this list for administrative questions.

See below for how to contact us (short version: Ed discussion board, cs61-staff mailing list, direct email if given permission, not LinkedIn).


The course calendar is stored in Canvas.

You should be able to get a calendar feed from Canvas; look for the link labeled “Calendar feed”.

Contact us

Use Ed (“the edboard”), a question and answer site for courses. It’s accessible via Canvas. By posting your questions to the board, you’ll not only get faster responses from the course staff, but you’ll also be able to get help from other students. We’ll consider your interactions on Ed as course participation, so good discussions may improve your grade!

Private questions should be sent to

Please do not contact course staff by direct email without prior permission. It is not appropriate to contact course staff through other channels, such as social media or LinkedIn.

Of course, while you are welcome to discuss general tips and strategies on Ed and help each other with technical problems, you may not share answers or code. We also encourage you to use Ed judiciously. You’re totally capable of trying to solve problems yourselves (you’ll learn more that way).

Administrative questions, problems with specific lines of code, and anything else too sensitive to post publicly should be marked private (for instructors to see only).

While we will endeavor to answer emails and posted questions in a timely fashion, we make no guarantees! Plan on responses taking up to 48 hours. This means that you should not expect immediate answers to emails sent or questions posted the night before homework is due!