This is not the current version of the class.

Review Questions


GitHub Classroom assignment

Please base your questions on our exercises. Links:

  1. Data representation
  2. Assembly
  3. Kernel
  4. Storage
  5. Shell and process control
  6. Synchronization and networking

You should write up both a question, stored in DIRECTORY/, and a brief solution, stored in DIRECTORY/ We prefer questions and solutions be written in Markdown or plaintext. If images are required, that’s OK; you can link to them from Markdown, or, if necessary, add a PDF or Word document to the directory.

Students must not collaborate on the review questions they create. Students should create questions on their own. Each question should represent the student’s own work—no copying a question from the Internet or posting questions to the Internet, although the usual resources (book, notes, course videos, prior course material, general Internet research) may be used in the process of creating a question. Staff can help students evaluate whether a review question is too close to material available in the book or on the web.


We grade questions along 4 dimensions. Full credit is 6 points out of 8 total awardable points. Anything above the 6 will be considered for extra credit at the end of the class.

We also awarded a very small number of “gold stars” to questions that covered an advanced topic, that combined multiple core points in an interesting way, or gave background knowledge to add real-life context to a program.