Intro to SVN

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Computer Science 61:

Systems Programming and Machine Organization
This is the 2011 version of the course. Main site

Intro to SVN

Getting an SVN repository

  • Fill out the partner form for the lab.
  • Shortly after filling out the form, you should receive an email that gives you instructions for checking out your new SVN repository.
  • Each member of the group should log into the CS61 machine, and execute the "svn co ..." command specified in the email. This will check out the repository to your directory on the CS61 machine.

Adding files to the repository

Next, you'll want to add the handout files to your repository. ONLY ONE partner should follow the instructions below.

  • Download Malloclab-handout.tar from the website to your CS61 home directory. You can do this with the command "wget".
  • Unpack the tarball by executing "tar xvf Malloclab-handout.tar". This will create a folder called malloclab-handout with all of the files for the lab in it.
  • Copy all of these files to your repository directory: "cp malloclab-handout/* malloc/"
  • Go to the malloc directory (by executing "cd malloc") and execute "svn add *". This tells subversion that you would like to add all of the files in the directory to the subversion repository.
  • Commit these additions by executing 'svn commit -m "Added initial assignment files from website"'. This command commits your changes, and actually sends the newly added files to the repository. Now, the assignment files have been "checked in" to the repository.
  • Now the OTHER partner (who did not copy the assignment files from the website) should login to the CS61 machine, go to the malloc directory that was created by running "svn co ...", and execute "svn update". This will update the local directory with the latest copy of files in the repository. Since the assignment files have just been added to the repository, this means that the local directory will now contain the assignment files.
  • After this, you should be all set up. Refer to the SVN notes at the end of the assignment writeup for more information, check web resources to learn about SVN and version control, and come to the course staff with any questions.