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9/6/16: Fundamentals 2: Data Representation

  • Reading: CS:APP3e Ch 1, 2.1-2.2, 3.11
  • Lecture code is in cs61-exercises/fundamentals2
  • Reference materials: You may find these video's prepared for last year's class helpful, but remember that last year we were using a 32-bit machine and this year we are using a 64-bit machine. You can watch these at up to 2X speed, so don't let the lengths scare you away.
    • Abstractions: A discussion of how the C language provides a different abstraction from that of the actual machine. (33:27)
    • Hexadecimal: An introduction/review of binary and hexadecimal representations. (15:27)
    • Data Representation: A discussion about how data is represented in C (23:18)
  • We strongly encourage you to review this exercise on pointers to make sure you really understand how pointers work.
  • Post-Exercise FAQ (Extension students: you might find this helpful if you get stuck on the in-class exercises.)
  • Post-class survey: Please fill this out before you leave class.