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Computer Science 61:

Systems Programming and Machine Organization
This is the 2011 version of the course. Main site


Please note that the schedule is subject to change.

Videos of the lectures are available here. Videos will generally be available within two days of the lecture.

It is far preferable to have the 2nd edition of the textbook. However, we indicate how the readings differ for the first edition. Note there are a few sections that occur only in the 2nd edition (e.g., 3.13), and all students should read them. There is a copy of the 2nd edition on reserve in the library.

Date Lec. Topic Recommended Reading Notes
Th 1-Sep 1 Course overview Lec01.pdf
Tu 6-Sep 2 Machine representation of information 2.1-2.3 Lec02.pdf
HW 1 (representation) released
Th 8-Sep 3 Machine programming 1: Introduction 3.1-3.4 Lec03.pdf
HW 2 (bomb) released
Tu 13-Sep 4 Machine programming 2: Control flow 3.5-3.6 Lec04.pdf
HW 1 due
Th 15-Sep 5 Machine programming 3: Procedures 3.7 Lec05.pdf
Tu 20-Sep 6 Machine programming 4: Structured data 3.8-3.10 Lec06.pdf
Th 22-Sep 7 Machine programming 5: Buffer overruns and stack exploits 3.11-3.13
1st ed: Read 3.13 in 2nd Ed.
HW 2 due
HW 3 (buffer) released
Tu 27-Sep 8 Processor architecture Lec08.pdf
Th 29-Sep 9 Program optimization 5.1-5.11 Lec09.pdf
Tu 4-Oct 10 Dynamic memory allocation 1 9.9
1st ed: 10.9
HW 4 (malloc) released
Th 6-Oct 11 Dynamic memory allocation 2 9.10-9.11
1st ed: 10.10-10.11
HW 3 due
Tu 11-Oct 12 Memory and storage technologies 6.1-6.3 Lec12.pdf
Th 13-Oct 13 Caching 6.4-6.7
1st ed: 6.4-6.8
HW 4 design checkpoint
Tu 18-Oct 14 Cache performance measurement and optimization 5.12-5.15
1st ed: 5.13-5.16
Th 20-Oct 15 Virtual memory 9.1-9.6
1st ed: 10.1-10.6
HW 4 due
Tu 25-Oct 16 Linking and loading 7.1-7.11 Lec16.pdf
Th 27-Oct Midterm exam in class
Tu 1-Nov 17 Threads and concurrency 12.1,12.3
1st ed: 13.1,13.3
HW 5 (concurrency) released
Th 3-Nov 18 Synchronization 12.4
1st ed: 13.4
Tu 8-Nov 19 Semaphores, CVs, and monitors 12.5
1st ed: 13.5
Th 10-Nov 20 Synchronization problems and deadlock 12.7
1st ed: 13.7
Tu 15-Nov 21 Processes 8.1-8.5 Lec21.pdf
Th 17-Nov 22 Files, pipes, and terminals 10.1-10.10
1st ed: 11.1-11.10
HW 5 due
HW 6 (shell) released
Tu 22-Nov 23 Network programming 11.1-11.4
1st ed: 12.1-12.4
Th 24-Nov Thanksgiving: no class
Tu 29-Nov 24 Virtualization (Guest lecturer: Daniel Margo)
Better Abstractions for Concurrency
Th 1-Dec Final exam in class
Tu 6-Dec HW 6 due