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Continuing Tuesday's Work

If you did the exercises in the evening, your repository should be fine (and can go directly to the exercise from Tuesday to continue from where you left off); if you happened to start working on the version available for the day students, then you might want to follow these steps.

First, let me apologize for the Makefile snafus you encountered on Tuesday. It wasted your time and I always always always hate to do that. I believe the following will make things simpler moving ahead, so please follow these six steps and then you should be back on your way.

1. Copy r01-byte.c to r01-cache.c. (the shell cmd cp (http://linux.die.net/man/1/cp) may be useful!)

2. Copy randread.c to randcache.c.

3. Now that you have copies of r01-byte.c and randread.c, we 're going to get the original versions of those back; we are also going to undo any changes you made to your Makefile. Type git checkout Makefile r01-byte.c randread.c.

4. Add your new files to the repo: git add r01-cache.c randcache.c

5. Now, commit your new files and changes to cache.[ch]. (git commit -a)

6. Finally, pull from the current repository: git pull (which will ask you to commit the merge, which you should do).

At this point, you will have a repo all set up to continue working in and you'll be able to pick up where you left off on Tuesday. The only change is that you'll be editing r01-cache.c and/or randcache.c instead of r01-byte.c and randread.c. The instructions have been updated accordingly.

So, go back to Tuesday's in-class work and pick up where you left off.