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Computer Science 61 and E61
Systems Programming and Machine Organization
Fall 2015

Course Staff

  • Nikhil Benesch (benesch@college.harvard.edu)
  • Richard Cho (rcho@college.harvard.edu)
  • David Ding (fding@college.harvard.edu)
  • Michael Farrell (michaelfarrell@college.harvard.edu)
  • Dan Fu (dfu@college.harvard.edu)
  • Yihe Huang (yihehuang@g.harvard.edu)
  • Jimmy Jiang (jiang01@college.harvard.edu)
  • Jonah Kallenbach (kallenbach@college.harvard.edu)
  • Graham Lustiber (grahamlustiber@college.harvard.edu)
  • Alex Patel (alexanderpatel@college.harvard.edu)
  • Margo Seltzer (margo@eecs.harvard.edu)
  • Shai Szulanski (sszulanski@college.harvard.edu)
  • Lily Tsai (lilliantsai@college.harvard.edu)
  • Serena Wang (lutongwang@college.harvard.edu)
  • Yaniv Yacoby (yaniv.yacoby@gmail.com)
  • Richard Zou (richardzou@college.harvard.edu)



Extension students wishing to attend section in person are welcome at any section not marked "College students only."

Time (EST) Location TF Notes
Monday, 1 - 2pm Maxwell Dworkin 123 David, Mike
Monday, 4 - 5pm Boylston 103 Shai, Richard Advanced
Monday, 4 - 5pm Pierce 320 Lily, Serena Targeted towards those less comfortable
Monday, 8:45 - 9:45pm 1 Story Street #303 Alex, Jonah, Yihe Streamed and recorded
Tuesday 4 - 5pm Cruft 309 Yaniv, Graham Targeted towards those less comfortable
Wednesday, 4 - 5pm Maxwell Dworkin G125 Nikhil, Dan
Wednesday, 7:30 - 8:30pm Quincy House Stone Hall S001 Richard Z., Jimmy College students only

Office hours

We will have regular weekly office hours, starting the week of 9/13. All office hours, with the exception of Tuesday and Wednesday evenings, are open to local Extension School students who can attend in person. We will occasionally schedule additional office hours.

Margo says: I have office hours in MD 241. My office hours are Tuesdays before class (12:30 - 2:30pm EST), but I'm often in my office at other times. If the door is open and I'm available, I'm happy to meet. It may be better though to send email to set up a specific time. I will also be holding weekend online office hours from 10am - noon EST on Saturdays for Extension Students.

Contacting us

Use Piazza, a question and answer site for courses. You’ve probably seen it before in other courses. By posting your questions to Piazza, you’ll not only get faster responses from the course staff, but you’ll also be able to get help from other students. We’ll consider your interactions on Piazza as course participation, so good discussions may improve your grade!

To sign up for CS 61 Piazza, visit piazza.com/harvard/fall2015/cs61.

Of course, while you are welcome to discuss general tips and strategies on Piazza and help each other with technical problems, you may not share answers or code. We also encourage you to use Piazza judiciously. Many, if not most, of you are old enough to vote or to drive several-ton death machines on our nation’s roads. That means you’re also old enough to try to solve problems yourselves (you’ll learn more that way).

Administrative questions, problems with specific lines of code, and anything else too sensitive to post publicly should be marked private (for instructors to see only).

You may send private questions to the staff email list, cs61-staff@seas.harvard.edu. Please use this list for administrative questions.

While we will endeavor to answer emails and posted questions in a timely fashion, we make no guarantees! Plan on responses taking up to 48 hours. This means that you should not expect immediate answers to emails sent or questions posted the night before homework is due!